About The Life Machine


The Life Machine was born in late 2019 as a bicycle decals production house. We are obsessed in reproducing accurate vintage decals for restoration purpose. Under our team’s careful eye and precision always in mind, we have delivered 1000+ accurate vintage bicycle decals from frame sets, components, to the tubings. As a solid proof, one of our restoration project is chosen as BoTM June’22 by retrobike.co.uk.

In the midst of 2020, we expanded our products to high quality customized bicycle decals for those who aimed for personalization purpose, customized as standard. We have created 100+ fully customized bicycle decals project with 50% of those are designed by TLM design team while the rest are by the community. This step had led us to become more well-known in both local and global bicycle scene, resulting major growth in our customer basis from Asia, to Europe and the USA.