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Reworked from the late 80s Specialized line up, now you can make your Federal stand out from the crowd with this head turning wrap style Federalized decal set! Here you can prepare your paint job plan whether it will be single or dual tone. Try to mix n match all of the color combo possibilities from the palette we specifically selected to create the best result. Check out the combination example in the product pics for insight. Need a tip? Always put attention to the contrast and you're doing good.

The process is simple; click on the Make Your Own button above, select/decide your frame paint color, create your best color combination for the decals, specify your Federal type, then finally click Add to Cart. Decals delivered to you will be exactly the same as the one you created.

NOTE : Use a PC for the best experience


  • TLM exclusive frame decal set
  • Polymeric 3-mil vinyl
  • Made with love and respect to the Federal Cycle, the only brand we never reproduced

💡 Screenshot the preview and send it to the painter shop for they guidance

💡 Do you know there is an imitation version of this set being sold on our local marketplace? No worries as fakers can never duplicate~ thanks for buying the OG's!